A human genomic variant knowledge base

VarSome is a knowledge base and aggregator for human genomic variants. We were frustrated with the amount of time it takes to look up variants in a number of public databases, and we decided to act.

The result is a comprehensive resource that will save you both time and effort when looking up variant information.

A large continuously updated data library

So far, we have accumulated about 33 billion items of variant and gene annotation and have made it easily accessible, so you will quickly get what you are looking for.

We hope you find VarSome useful. If we have forgotten something, please let us know. We welcome your feedback! (confidential feedback form at the bottom of the page).

The VarSome web site is free!

We strive to include as much public data as possible - this is our commitment to the life sciences community, where we came from.

Link to VarSome

You can link to VarSome from your internal or public website, even your excel sheet. Instructions.

A RESTful API for your own applications

VarSome is built on top of our REST API infrastructure that can also be used by institutions wishing to annotate their data at a fraction of the cost of discovering and gathering variant information from different databases across the Internet. Click here for more information.

An embeddable web platform

VarSome is built using web components. Would you like to include a variant aggregator in your intranet or software product? It is as easy as adding 5 lines of html code to your application.

VarSome in your premises

Both VarSome and the variant API behind it (see below) can be installed and maintainted within the infrastructure of organisations. If you are interested, contact us.

Important note for lecturers / course coordinators

It is fantastic that VarSome is increasingly being recommended and used in lectures and presentations. Do please contact us if you are planning to give a course or lecture featuring VarSome, so we can white-list your IP address. This will ensure that you are not affected by daily usage limits for unregistered users during the session.


Multiple databases

VarSome contains data from various public databases including dbSNP, ClinVar, gnomAD, RefSeq, Ensembl, dbNSFP, Gerp, Kaviar, CIViC  and more...

Flexible queries

You can input your query in a large range of formats, including genomic position, HGVS DNA level and HGVS protein level. You can also query for a specific gene symbol.

Equivalent indels

For indels with several equivalent representations, we display the alternative ways that these indels may be defined. Also, data from the public databases VarSome integrates are normalized to take into account these equivalent representations.

Functional variant annotation

All variants are functionally annotated relative to genes and transcripts, whether they are found in any of these public databases or not.

Nearby variants

For every variant query, VarSome displays nearby variants from some of the public databases with key information from each and a link to the results page for each individual nearby variant.

A strong community

You can provide comments and opinions on the pathogenicity of variants, sharing them with VarSome's community.

Powered by Saphetor

VarSome is part of Saphetor's analysis services.

Visit Saphetor's website to find out more about the services we offer, inluding full genomic analysis, filtering, annotation, interpretation for single individuals, families and cohorts.


Saphetor is a member of the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health

Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

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