How to add a link to a VarSome variant or gene page

It couldn't be simpler! Here are examples of VarSome links (these links also work in Excel cells)>A

where "hg19" is the reference genome used, alternative: "hg38"

Simply replace the last part with your variant. Remember, VarSome works for any variant, so it's not necessary to first check if a variant is on VarSome or not.

Download an example Excel sheet . Note the use of the “HYPERLINK” function.

For gene queries:<gene_symbol>


For region queries:<genome>/chr<NN>:<start position>..<end positon>


For CNV queries (deletions):<genome>/chr<NN>:<start position>:<end position>:DEL
For CNV queries (duplications):<genome>/chr<NN>:<start position>:<end position>:DUP