Frequently asked questions


Which browser is best for VarSome?

VarSome runs best on recent versions of Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox and Safari on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Andriod and iOS. Please make sure you regularly update your browser.


Can you add Polyphen, CADD, HGMD and other datasets?

We are constantly working on adding new databases to VarSome. Feel free to suggest your favorite databases using our feedback form. However, we can only add public and open data. Datasets such as Polyphen, CADD and HGMD are not freely available and we cannot obtain a license to display them on VarSome.


How did you implement VarSome's automated variant classification based on the ACMG guidelines?

See description .


VarSome disagrees with another data source of my choice on a data item, can you provide evidence or justify why you are showing that value? 

VarSome aggregates, displays, and uses as input to its algorithms data from more than 50 external reputable databases with more than 50 billion data items. Although we do our best to automatically filter out obvious errors during the integartion process, we cannot possibly manually curate this content. If you disagree or have queries about a particular data item, please take it with the source organization of the data, always clearly shown on VarSome.